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Zhongyuan Dahua[three High And One New]extension Of The Industrial Chain

"Zhongyuan Dahua developed a 'three high and one new' product transformation strategy, that is, high-end, high value-added, high efficiency and new product industry chain extension, to build green sustainable development of the industry pattern." August 24, fertilizer supply Side reform research group into Henan Zhongyuan Dahua Group, the company's general manager Shi Yuezhi said.


According to the Central Plains Dahong party secretary, chairman Zhang Lin, Zhongyuan Dahua is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan Nenghua Group, formerly known as the Central Plains fertilizer plant, is the last century 80 years relying on the Zhongyuan Oilfield natural gas resources construction of large state-owned enterprises. So far the main equipment of the original Dahua, including an annual output of 500,000 tons of methanol, 300,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 520,000 tons of urea, 60,000 tons of melamine, 100,000 tons of compound fertilizer, 150,000 cubic meters of melamine foam and so on.


Shi Yuezhi said that due to lack of long-term supply of natural gas, the Central Plains Dahua was born in the crisis, a long history of transformation. As early as 2000 years ago, the company realized that urea production will eventually have a day excess. Since then, extend the industrial chain, to enter the high-end, to avoid the pace of low-end competition has not stopped. The most successful step in the transformation of the company is the development of urea downstream products - melamine, and thus the formation of urea - melamine - melamine foam characteristics of the industrial chain. The company's production of melamine due to good quality, of which 40% for export, the current melamine alone in this section of the plate profit of 10 million or so.


In addition, the Central Plains Dahua also has a 100,000 tons / year of fertilizer production line, due to the Central Plains Dahua brand and product advantages, as well as the advantages of cooperation with the manufacturers, the company in this area has been relatively stable market. The future, the Central Plains Dahua will also enrich the product structure and enhance the overall quality of products, external cooperation to expand the share of compound fertilizer, the basic annual growth rate of 10%.


In recent years, with the rapid rise of automotive urea, the Central Plains in the first time to seize the market opportunities. According to Shi Yuezhi introduction, due to gas urea products almost no sulfur and other impurities, high purity, quality with a lot of coal urea can not match the advantages of car is the best raw materials for urea. Zhongyuan Dahua car with urea sales growth is very rapid, is ready to launch a set of 150,000 tons / year new device. Although the urea industry overcapacity serious, but because of Zhongyuan Dahua urea mostly for industrial purposes, such as melamine, automotive urea and compound fertilizer high-quality raw materials, not only increased the added value, but also ease the excess pressure on the urea market.


"Urea production increased by 19,000 tons and compound fertilizer sales increased by 2300 tons compared with the same period of last year." More importantly, we lost a lot of losses. In the three main products, urea has been able to To achieve profitability, melamine profit is relatively impressive in its own product sales, the Central Plains Dahua in the sale of urea at the same time, the price for the lever, but also sales of liquid ammonia products to achieve maximum efficiency of the company.


At the same time, in the fertilizer trade, the Central Plains Dahua relying on channel advantages, and the Agricultural Group, Sinochem Group, Yuntianhua and other well-known enterprises in-depth combination of strong, and actively carry out the export of fertilizer products export business, increase sales revenue and profits; Team close to the market, do a good job in the market judged, and relying on storage advantages to carry out light storage and sales business.


In the face of the current escalation of environmental supervision, the Central Plains Dahua urea production equipment has invested 40 million yuan and 70 million yuan to make great efforts to carry out technical rectification, in May this year, Puyang City chemical enterprises in the first completed ultra-low emissions Transformation. Zhongyuan Dahua also invested heavily in VOCs to carry out comprehensive management work, as Henan Province, the first comprehensive treatment of VOCs standard coal production of methanol enterprises.


Shi Yuezhi frankly, these environmental protection investment is in the climb in the Central Plains Dahua is a small burden. He called on the relevant departments to deal with the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, especially environmental protection work should be the same as the coal industry, given the relevant policies and financial support; given the fertilizer industry is supporting agriculture, the government should be tax, freight and other aspects to give some preferential policies In order to better serve agricultural production.


Participate in the Ministry of Industry and Technology Ministry of Industry and Technology Deputy Director Pan Aihua said that the Central Plains Dahua fertilizer industry in the general decline in the effectiveness of the situation, step by step, in research and development of new products and management have new progress every year new weather, it is not easy. The next step, enterprises should actively cultivate efficient fertilizer, rich product categories, continue to develop non-agricultural market.


China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association, Petroleum and Chemical Industry Planning Institute Dean Gu Zongqin suggested that the fertilizer supply side of the reform first to eliminate backward production capacity, followed by the adjustment of product structure, that is, the development of diversified products and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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