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Titanium Dioxide Demand To Follow Up The Gold Nine Silver Ten Market Or Was Flat

In early September, the domestic titanium dioxide enterprises offer turns up, the rate of increase in the 500 yuan / ton level, in the domestic enterprises take turns rhythm, the downstream market and traders to buy goods atmosphere slightly improved, mid-month there was a wave of procurement climax , But the next month, the downstream will pick up the goods again, the overall market tends to dull.

With the fourth batch of environmental protection inspections in August after the provinces, Shandong, Sichuan Province, the supply of significant reduction, a total reduction of about 90,000 tons, the supply reduction, the domestic mainstream titanium dioxide business in August experienced a rapid de-stocking stage , To the beginning of September, the domestic mainstream titanium dioxide market inventories fell to 2000-7000 tons level. In the inventory reduction, the traditional gold nine demand is expected to upgrade under the premise of September domestic titanium dioxide enterprises offer turns up, first of all, anatase titanium dioxide production enterprises offer up 500 yuan / ton, followed by rutile titanium dioxide to follow the move, In the leading enterprises after the final offer, the domestic mainstream enterprises to follow the pace of rising, rising more than 500 yuan / ton level. But for the implementation of the price, the business response varies.

According to the survey found that although the rate of increase in the enterprise 500 yuan / ton, but the actual implementation of the enterprise operating range of 200-300 yuan / ton range, the actual implementation of the situation is difficult to achieve expectations. On the one hand, on the one hand, the main reason for the rise of domestic enterprises is not the actual demand side of the change, more is the August environmental protection under the limited production, domestic enterprises to reduce the supply of vehicle maintenance, On the other hand the domestic titanium dioxide market price is relatively high, the overall average profit business can still, as shown below, the industry profits more in the 3000-4000 yuan / ton level, most companies want to take the current price adjustment to create a The price of the atmosphere, in fact, for the 500 yuan / ton can also be questioned; Moreover, as a terminal business and traders in terms of environmental protection caused by small and medium enterprises to limit production or production, large enterprises get goods are mostly on demand for The main, because the expectations for the market outlook are not clear, the corresponding business stocking ideas are not strong, coupled with the price of titanium dioxide, downstream customers, especially medium and small customers basically unprofitable, part of the price of titanium dioxide manufacturers , The downstream is not more goods to deal with, but to reduce orders, adjust the product line, but do not want to pressure liquidity. So the demand has been pushed up after the demand for short-lived situation.

For the next market, immediately facing the National Day 8 days holiday, the domestic downstream enterprises from the current procurement situation, the stock volume difficult to volume, the majority of enterprises can be maintained enough in the holidays, the demand side difficult to significantly improve, but from the export situation See, Europe and the United States for the domestic demand for titanium dioxide is still in a weak state of growth, mainly due to the euro against the RMB to promote the European purchase of domestic titanium dioxide will, foreign throw is weak out of stock state, despite the lower export prices, but the major domestic titanium dioxide exports Enterprise exports are still good, some enterprises over the same period last year, exports increased by nearly 20-30% level. From the supply side, the recent parking lot in Shandong in some time ago after the ignition of the product, the day to the market supply increased by 1,000 tons level, the overall supply of heavy volume. Coupled with the accumulation of 8 days after the holiday is expected to show the overall increase in the overall price of titanium dioxide enterprises. But it is worth mentioning that the opening of the Nineteenth month in October, environmental protection, security issues are still the focus of attention, so the overall business load will not be too high, is expected to various enterprises inventory or rise to normal or slightly higher level. Coupled with the short-term raw materials titanium concentrate market is relatively strong, the market will be a certain support; comprehensive above, is expected in late September and October domestic titanium dioxide market or to maintain sideways trend, the overall rally is optimistic, short-term downturn risk Relatively small.

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