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The Security Committee Of The State Council Supervises The Inspection Of Safety Production

    August 7 to 18, the State Council Security Committee Steering Group has in Beijing, Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Xinjiang and other places to supervise the safety of production inspection, during the hearing, check the account, check the report leads and before Stage found hidden trouble rectification situation, field inspection of coal, industry and trade, hazardous chemicals and other key industries in more than 120 enterprises and units. Steering group found that although the progress has been made, but the safety of production around the inspection of varying degrees there is not enough to launch, the progress of inconsistency, investigation and management is not in place and other issues.

    Beijing part of the functional departments of the safety inspection work is not timely layout, not comprehensive. Some high-rise buildings and personnel-intensive places fire facilities management there are serious loopholes, Beijing Hualian Lippo Shopping Center and Shunyi District Victory Street Yixin homes second community residential building fire pump pump spray control switch in the manual state, and the door Lock the scene unattended.

    Tianjin individual street town inspection program targeted, operational is not strong, there is "than the gourd painting scoop" phenomenon. Tianjin Union Packaging Co., Ltd. gas boiler room gas alarm failure, the warehouse ultra-high, over-stacking of goods; Tianjin Yili Kang frozen Food Co., Ltd. liquid ammonia unloading parts of the lack of ammonia alarm probe, the scene without access to safe operation procedures.

  Heilongjiang Province, some departments and enterprises to check the program through the field, in the form of some areas (counties) on July 27 issued a security check notice, asked 28 to report a specific work program. Suihua City Zhaodong Hengda Shaft Co., Ltd. in mid-August to develop a security inspection work program, is still in July to carry out self-examination and self-change. In some places the safety inspection of large-scale one-sided understanding of the government to understand hidden dangers, enterprises to rectify, re-check light law enforcement.

  Jiangsu Province, part of the hidden dangers of self-examination did not carry out closed-loop management, not as required to the staff notice to the government report. Some enterprises have obvious security risks, such as Wuxi City Binhu District Jin Lu Gas Co., Ltd. there are plant piling up debris, equipment, serious corrosion, explosion-proof electrical explosion, fire damage and other 16 problems and hidden dangers, has been ordered to stop production rectification.

   Zhejiang Province, part of the local and enterprises self-examination and tasting, supervisory group inspection of 33 companies are local inspection enterprises, still found hidden 55, and some even significant hidden dangers, of which two were ordered to suspend production for rectification or partial shutdown Rectify. Port hazardous chemicals, marine fisheries and other regulatory mechanisms have not yet fully straighten out.

   Some enterprises in Fujian Province with daily inspection instead of large inspection, hidden dilemma hidden trouble, did not do all the same, repeated the same problem. Longyan City Huangkeng coal mine a coal face has been detected the lack of gas sensor problem, the steering group review found that although the work surface supplemented the sensor, but the other two coal mining face is still only set a gas sensor The Xinjiang Autonomous Region, some districts and counties to deploy a large inspection is not timely, in mid-August issued a text arrangement, resulting in the progress of the work can not be completed on schedule. Part of the enterprise inspection work standards are not high, targeted is not strong, hidden risks remediation is not complete, Ili Chuanning Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises only at the regular meeting of the large inspection documents read, Shenhua Xinjiang Energy Co., Ltd. Tuen Po coal mine Personnel location monitoring system failure, emergency broadcast system is not established, there are obvious hidden dangers.

  On the issue of hidden problems found in the supervision and inspection, the steering committee of the State Council Committee of the People's Government of the State Council conducted formal feedback, put forward the rectification requirements and suggestions, and as the September State Council Inspector's key content, follow the rectification implement.

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