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On October 13, under the testimony of Premier Li Keqiang and Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province Jiang Zelin represented the Shaanxi Provincial Government and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (Russian National Sovereign Fund), the Russian-China Investment Fund (Sino-Russian Transnational Sovereignty (Russia National Science and Technology Park) in Russia, Russia signed a "cooperation on the development and construction of Sino-Russian Silk Road high-tech industrial park cooperation memorandum." Marking the construction of the "China-Russia Silk Road High-tech Industrial Park", which was launched by Xidong New District Fengdong New City, officially rose to national strategy.

Whether from the specifications or volume, Shaanxi eventually grab this piece of Sino-Russian cooperation in the largest cake. Why is this national level project aimed at Xishui New District? After the completion of Shaanxi will bring what good? Let us explain the details of the industrial park today.

Why is the national strategy?

For the domestic, the Sino-Russian industrial park is not unusual, but the information shows that these projects, the level of most of the provincial level, and the scope of cooperation is relatively narrow. The "Sino-Russian Silk Road High-tech Industrial Park" leap to rise behind the reasons for the national strategy, with the CPPCC Vice Chairman, Minister of Science and Technology million steel words, Sino-Russian cross-border high-tech industrial park will significantly promote China and Russia High-level high-tech exchanges and cooperation, can promote the "Silk Road economic zone" strategy to implement, so support from the national level is necessary.

Similarly, the Russian side of the strong background worth mentioning. Russian direct investment fund is a national sovereign background of the investment fund, but also the Sino-Russian Investment Committee Enterprise Advisory Committee of the Russian side of the unit, while the Sino-Russian investment fund by the investment company and the Russian direct investment fund set up in 2012, Sovereign wealth funds jointly set up transnational investment funds, mainly investment in Russia and CIS countries, commercial projects and Russian-related projects in China.

Why is Xi Xian New District?

After years of development, the number of domestic state-level new district, the Russian side why will choose the West Xian New District? According to Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology Professor Hao Yue analysis, after 20 years of exploration and practice, Xi'an now has a number of development zones, including high-tech areas ranked the first three, Xixian new strong momentum of development. The cooperation, the successful experience of Shaanxi Construction and Development Zone played an important role.

Another reason can not be ignored, is the "Shaanxi speed". From April 2014, Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Secretary Zhao Zhengyong pointed out that the Sino-Russian Science and Technology Park should strive to rise to the national level, to October 13 officially settled for the national strategic cooperation, only 6 months time. Pangu think tank chairman Yi Peng praised the speed of this time - before Shaanxi will be 7 billion US dollars Samsung semiconductor project Lan came in, the speed is called "Shaanxi speed", "Xi'an efficiency", the same, the Russian silk Road Science and Technology Park can also be described as such. This speed and efficiency, indicating that the location of Shaanxi, science and technology, economy, talent and other advantages continue to be highlighted, at the same time, Shaanxi executives who strategic vision, open to the outside world and the efficiency of the service has been significantly improved.

Will bring about changes in Shaanxi economy?

Russia in scientific research, basic research is particularly prominent in aerospace, power efficiency, nuclear technology and space technology, information technology and other global leader. Therefore, the industrial park will take advantage of the advantages of science and technology in Russia, the Chinese park is located in Xishui New District, Fengdong Metro co-ordination of scientific and technological resources reform demonstration base, the goal is to rely on Shaanxi's scientific research and modern industrial base, building high-tech research and development as a precursor to modern industry The main body, the tertiary industry and social infrastructure supporting the high-tech industrial park. The Russian side park will be located in the Russian Skalkovo Innovation Center goal is to rely on the superior geographical location of Moscow and economic and technological strength, the construction of the headquarters economy as the guide, high-tech research and development and transformation as the main high-tech industrial park.

"Industrial Park settled in Xidan New District Fengdong New City, for Shaanxi's trade growth in Russia will be greatly improved, if the Russian enterprises stationed in China, then the Russian Silk Road Science and Technology Park will become an important choice for it in the park We will prejudge that by 2020, Shaanxi's trade with Russia will reach 20 billion yuan, accounting for one-tenth of the country. "Feng Dong Metro related person in charge.

What are the benefits to the district?

According to the relevant person in charge of Fengdong Metro, the Sino-Russian Silk Road Hi-Tech Industrial Park will invite the leading enterprises in the field of aerospace, equipment manufacturing, information technology, energy and other cooperation in Russia to participate in the construction of the park, strengthen cooperation with the Russian enterprises Of all-round cooperation, encourage enterprises in our province to take the lead in the Sino-Russian Silk Road high-tech industrial park development. At the same time, still for the already into the Russian Huawei, ZTE and so settled in the park.

At the same time, the Science and Technology Park will apply for the Silk Road Economic Zone free trade zone pilot, including the RMB and the ruble direct exchange, Sino-Russian customs clearance mechanism, high-tech industrial park preferential policies and other Russian trade and tax rebate and other investment concessions policy. For the currency directly exchange, Xi'an Jiaotong University School of Economics and Finance International Finance Teaching and Research Center, Professor Li Fuyou that if the park to achieve free exchange, save a lot of links, more convenient and efficient, for the development of enterprises is good.

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