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Graphene Industry: Still In The Technical Growth Period

Graphene industry: still in the technical growth period

Graphene is the lightest and thinnest, the best conductive, the strongest heat dissipation, super tough new nano-materials, only absorb 2.3% of the light, almost completely transparent. Known as "black gold" reputation of graphene, in recent years has gradually become a hot pursuit of capital markets. Recently, by the China Association for Science and Technology Science and Technology Center and the Beijing Association for Science and Technology co-sponsored, Zhongguancun Trina Scientific and Technological Achievement Promotion Center hosted the "industry frontier technology lecture hall" held in Beijing, experts from the industry, entrepreneurs, Graphene industry development.

The original silence of graphene suddenly broke into the public eye, from 2004 to talk about. University of Manchester professor Andrei Heim and Constantine Novo Shuo Luo from graphite successfully separated from graphene. In 2010, the two men won the Nobel Prize in Physics through innovative research on graphene. As a result, the material of the graphene material is officially opened

According to incomplete statistics, the current global nearly 300 companies involved in graphene research, including IBM, Intel, the United States SanDiao, Dow Chemical, General, DuPont and so on. Among them, Samsung, IBM, Toshiba, South Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea Sungkyunkwan University and other enterprises and universities have a high competitive edge.

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