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Application Of Ammonia Alkali In Coking Plant For Gas Purification Technology

At present, most of the coking plant gas desulfurization are used as the alkali source of wet desulfurization process, the use of two desulfurization tower series technology. But with the environmental requirements to improve the traditional two desulfurization tower series technology desulfurization effect can not meet the gas H2S content ≤ 20mg / m3 index requirements, for some of these coking plants and then a series of desulfurization tower to achieve fine desulfurization, Taiwan desulfurization tower series run.

As the three tower desulfurization method, just a simple repeat, and desulfurization tower of their respective gas import and export of H2S content is very different, resulting in high cost of desulfurization operation, equipment investment.

Steam Alkaline Liquid for Gas Purification Technology

Tianjin Chuangju Technology Co., Ltd. has developed the steam ammonia solution for the gas fine desulfurization technology, that is, in the traditional two desulfurization tower series technology on the basis of the use of steam ammonia solution to absorb the residual H2S gas, so as to achieve the gas H2S content ≤ 20mg / m3 of the requirements. The equipment investment and operating costs of the technology than the three desulfurization tower in series gas desulfurization technology is much lower.

Coking plant remaining ammonia before the ammonia need to add a certain amount of NaOH in the raw materials to decompose the fixed ammonium salt, the immobilized ammonium salt in the ammonia into free ammonia, in order to pass through the ammonia tower of raw ammonia Part of the ammonia is separated. This part of the steam ammonia solution can be the first to introduce the top of the coke oven gas desulfurization tower, lye and desulfurization after the gas contact, absorb the residual H2S gas, the gas H2S content reduced to ≤ 20mg / m3. Absorb the residual H2S gas in the gas to the steam ammonia section. During the process of ammonia distillation, the H2S absorbed by the alkali solution is analyzed in the ammonia gas. The ammonia gas is returned to the gas before desulfurization and the desulfurization tower is continuously desulfurized. The use of this technology, both to achieve the purpose of gas fine desulfurization, without affecting the operation of steam ammonia section, equipment investment is small, lower operating costs.

Summary of the operation of the practical case

Tangshan Guoyi Coking Gas Co., Ltd. has a set of 1.2 million tons / year coking plant, put into operation in 2012. Coke oven gas volume of 60,000 m3 / h, gas desulfurization using ammonia as the source of the wet desulfurization process, desulfurization tower and regeneration tower by the creative company design.

Two desulphurization towers run in series, and MP soda trays were designed at the top of the second desulfurization tower. Desulfurization before the gas H2S content of 4-6g / m3, ammonia desulfurization solution after the H2S content of gas reduced to about 50mg / m3, the top of the desulfurization tower MP alkaline washing desulfurization after the gas H2S content reduced to about 15mg / m3 , Reached the H2S content ≤ 20mg / m3 index requirements. Absorb the H2S alkaline solution and send it to the steam ammonia section.

Steam alkali solution for gas desulfurization technology difficult: NaOH alkali was alkaline, H2S has a strong absorption capacity, but the coking plant gas is very large, such as the state of coking coal gas is 60,000 m3 / h , Ammonia desulfurization after H2S content has been reduced to about 50mg / m3, while the amount of ammonia used in ammonia is very small, such as Guocheng coking plant ammonia consumption of about 280Kg / h. In this way, less alkaline solution must be in contact with more gas to achieve full and sufficient contact to achieve desulfurization effect. So the gas-liquid contact device is difficult to achieve this technology.

The traditional gas-liquid contact device - filler, because the liquid volume is too small, can not completely wet the filler, gas-liquid contact is not uniform, desulfurization effect is poor. And suitable for small volume of gas-liquid contact device - the traditional floating valve or bubble tray plate, etc., are bubbling mass transfer, high resistance and low efficiency, can not rely on increasing the number of plates to improve the absorption efficiency. Because the coking plant gas pressure is limited, too much resistance plate, gas blower opportunity to overpressure and unbearable.

A pioneer company for the status quo of this industry developed a national invention patent - MP tray technology, so that ammonia ammonia for gas desulfurization technology to achieve industrial applications. MP tray is a spray-type mass transfer tray, high efficiency, in order to reduce the fog entrainment, each tower are equipped with forced fog device, the thin layer on the plate, the resistance is small, thus forming a high efficiency Resistance of small gas-liquid contact device. MP tray technology for the coking plant using ammonia solution to provide a guarantee.

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